Thursday, August 27, 2015

Golden Streams

I think the best way to describe the perfect summer day is to say that it was "sun-soaked".  Just hearing those words makes me feel warm, comfortable, relaxed, and joyful.  I can just picture streams of sunlight, golden and gleaming, breaking through the trees and bathing you in warmth.  Those days are the perfect days, those that make us feel a special connection to the summer, and wish for it all year round.  But no matter what time of year it is, I always feel that I am drawn towards gold accessories.  It brings some warmth and happiness to an outfit in the same way that the sun does to summer.

The Outfit and About it:

Forever 21 Maxi dress.

Forever 21 pom pom sweater

Forever 21 headband. 

Forever 21 gladiator sandals. 

Forever 21 Necklace. 

- The Lovely Red Fox

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