Tuesday, May 19, 2015

Spring Transitions // Essential Spring Styles

It's that time of year...  The birds are chirping, the flowers are blooming, and its finally nice enough to open the windows up without throwing on a bunch of layers.  Its always a great feeling being able to pack up all those heavy coats and sweaters, knowing you won't be needing them again for many
months to come.  Spring and summer always seem to be the most fun to me because accessories become king — a winter hat can be cute but wholly necessary, whereas a flower crown in the summer is purely what you feel like wearing.  In the warmer months fashion becomes not only functional, but artistic.  We get all those fun things coming out like lightweight kimonos, fun hair pieces, bright colors, and crochet trims!  So in the spirit of the season, I put together a couple outfit lay-downs for this May that I'm digging.  Its some of my favorite stuff I pulled out from last year, and a few things I got recently that I'm excited to incorporate in my wardrobe this Spring.

Not only do I love these pieces individually, but I believe they represent some essential staples/ styles for me this spring!

1. Lightweight Chambray Pieces.  Chambray is in.  In a big way.  Whether it's Chambray jumpers, skirts, shorts or classic button downs, chambray seems to be a big trend right now. I recently got this lightweight button down in a darker wash because I wanted some more versatile layering pieces for outfits this spring.  Denim almost always matches things, and I fell in love with the cropped silhouette and 3/4 length sleeves.  It's classic but still unique. 

2. High-waist shorts.  Has anybody noticed the over-abundance of crop tops out there currently?  I'm loving the cropped silhouette, but I'm not overly excited about the whole exposed midriff thing, so high-waist shorts are the solution.  Whether you get some cute pink lace ones like these, or a cute denim wash, you're definitely going to want to invest in a few pairs if you're as excited about these cute crop tops as I am.  That being said, cute crop tops should probably be #2.5 on this list. 

3. Floral Print Rompers. Actually, I advocate any style romper. I'm not sure exactly why rompers seem so magical to me, but I think I'm just drawn to the fact that they are something different.  They aren't as dressy as dresses, but they are more purposeful than a short and shirt combo. 

4. Crochet Trim.  I love throwing a little crochet trim into outfits when the weather gets warmer!

5. Design or food books with beautiful imagery.  I love reading books like these.  They are so inspirational and they get me excited to start projects — plus its so exciting to see what innovative ideas are out there.  Additionally since these books are full of inspirational imagery, they're also great to use aesthetically in your home on a bookshelf or coffee table. 

6. Gold Jewelry/ Accessories.  Modern silver or gold accessories are very in right now, so why not add a little sparkle and geometry to your life?  I'm excited to add little touches of this style in my home, wardrobe, etc.  Maybe my sparkly watch isn't quite modern or geometric, but it's headed there in a way that fits my aesthetic. 

7. Floral Crowns/ Fun Summer Hats.  Sometimes you just need to add that crazy one of a kind headwear to your outfit because it's beautiful outside, and that's the only reason you should need.   I've been wearing flower crowns a lot recently and I've gotten some weird reactions (someone asked me if I was getting married the other day??).  I won't apologize or start acting like I need some special reason to wear something fun like this; it's beautiful outside and we're alive.  That's really all the justification you should need for wearing what you want. 

8. Light-Weight Clutches.  I need four things with me when I need to leave the house: Keys, credit card/ID, my phone, and my reading glasses. Maybe a grocery list. That all fits in a small clutch like this.  Why weigh yourself down with a 10lb handbag?

Francesca's Watch, Forever 21 Romper (old), Forever 21 Chambray Jacket, Design Bloggers at Home by Ellie Tennant

Forever 21 Lace High-waist shorts (old), Forever 21 Flower Crown, Forever 21 Crochet Trim Top, This Loves That Envelope Clutch

- The Lovely Red Fox

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